Fight Hunger Patch Project

Fight Hunger is a progressive patch program; girls may participate at every level of their Girl Scouting experience. Girls complete a Hunger Workshop and activities in three focus areas: Nutrition, Food Waste, and Choices. It is strongly recommended that troops focus on one focus area at a time. Troops are encouraged to choose activities that best fit their abilities as a group and amount of time they can commit.

To begin the Fight Hunger Patch Project and earn their first patch, Girl Scouts must participate in a virtual hunger education session hosted by either Harvesters staff/AmeriCorps members or troop leaders trained by Harvesters staff.

Troop Leaders – Schedule your troop’s virtual hunger education session by contacting Harvesters’ Community Engagement Department:

Then scouts can begin work on the remaining three patches by completing the required number of activities in the To Do, To Watch, and To Read and Discuss sections for the Nutrition, Food Waste, and Choices patches.

  • Daisies and Brownies – minimum of 1 activity from each section
  • Juniors and Cadettes – minimum of 2 activities from each section
  • Seniors and Ambassadors – minimum of 3 activities from each section

nutrition patch

Nutrition Patch

Earning this patch requires scouts to learn about healthy eating and the relationship between hunger and health.

food waste patch

Food Waste Patch

This patch promotes an understanding of food loss and food waste, helping scouts determine what they can do at an individual/small group level as opposed to what needs to change systematically.

choices patch

Choices Patch

To earn this patch, scouts must examine the difficult choices facing those who are food insecure and the many ways hunger is multifaceted. 

Troop leaders should work with Harvesters to determine the best course of action for their troop. Girl Scouts should strive to utilize critical thinking skills to consider each of the tasks/resources for each patch. After earning the Fight Hunger patches, Girl Scouts will be equipped and excited to tackle hunger in our region.

Troop Leaders – please contact Harvesters at the contact information above to receive your troop’s patches. Harvesters designed this patch project so that troops would not incur any expenses for any activities in which the scouts participate. There is no charge to the troops for any of the patches.

Hunger Patch