Answers to Common Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions here. Don’t see your question? Please send it our way using our contact form.

I’ve never needed assistance before. Where do I start?

The best way to get started in finding assistance in your area is by visiting our Food Locator page. You can use our food locator tool to find a Harvesters partner agency near you. Enter your search criteria to find food pantries, kitchens and drive-thru food distributions right in your area. We also recommend you visit our Meals for Kids page to search for sites in your area that offer summer and after school free nutritious meals to kids 18 and under. Then, visit our SNAP Assistance page to learn more about SNAP, see if you qualify for benefits and get application assistance. As you look through these pages, if you would like to talk to our staff, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Please call our Customer Care line at 877-653-9519.

Is any paperwork required to get food from a pantry, kitchen or drive-thru food distribution?

Information or paperwork our agency partners request may differ by site. While the majority of our distributions do not require paperwork to receive food, some do. Paperwork is required for distributions that provide food from government programs. If you ever feel uncomfortable with what is being asked or would like clarification on use of information, please do not hesitate to ask for a staff member at that agency partner or contact Harvesters’ Customer Care line at 877-653-9519.

How does a drive-thru food distribution work?

A variety of fresh food/grocery items are distributed in a drive-thru model. Cars are served on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make sure your trunk is empty when you attend a mobile food distribution. Volunteers will load the food into your trunk.

I don’t have a car. Can I still get food from a drive-thru food distribution?

While our drive-thru distribution model is preferred, many times, walk-ups are welcome. We highly recommend that you bring a back pack, wagon, reusable bag or other carrier to assist in transporting your food.

There isn’t a distribution or a food pantry near me, and I do not have a car. How do I get help?

If there isn’t an easily accessible agency partner near you, some agencies may still be able to assist. Call our Customer Care line at 877-653-9519. We may be able to connect you with an agency that can arrange for home delivery in extenuating circumstances. Applying for SNAP can also expand your grocery budget and help you access food benefits in your area. Learn more about SNAP, see if you qualify for benefits and get application assistance by calling Harvesters’ SNAP Helpline at 877-653-9522.

How do I find out if the day or time of a distribution changes?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our distribution schedules can sometimes change at the last minute. We highly recommend checking the schedule daily and contacting an agency before you visit to confirm its hours and days of operation and the availability of food on that day.

I am at the distribution site and don’t see a Harvesters truck. What should I do?

Harvesters’ trucks may not always be on-site for every distribution. If you are unable to locate the distribution, please call the Harvesters Partner Agency number or our Customer Care line at 877-653-9519.

I have food allergies or medically-confirmed dietary restrictions. Can I still get food from the distributions?

Yes. Though some of our donated items are pre-packed, most of our distributions have additional stand-alone items that you can forego if they do not meet your dietary restrictions. Our staff, volunteers and partner agencies will do their best to accommodate dietary restrictions whenever possible.