Large Scale Donations with Large Scale Impact

Food Industry Donations

Does your organization have a large scale donation that could help local families in need? You can help us alleviate hunger while continuing to thrive as a business by donating unwanted food and surplus inventories to Harvesters.

Every year, millions of pounds of food go to waste at all stages of the supply chain. We are here to help rescue those resources and help get them to families in our community.

Who can donate?

Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, food service distributors, restaurants, cafeterias etc.

What can be donated?

We accept donations of produce, perishable food, canned and dry goods, refrigerated and frozen foods, as well as prepared, but unserved, foods. We also accept household goods and personal hygiene items.

What are the benefits of donating to Harvesters?

There are several reasons why donating food makes sense for your business:

Tax Deductions — The 1976 Tax Reform Act allows companies to deduct costs associated with donating food to nonprofit organizations. Read more about tax benefits here.

Cost Savings — In addition to tax benefits, save money by donating products to Harvesters rather than incurring storage, transportation and dumping fees.

Inventory Control — Food donations help reduce your surplus of hard-to-move inventory that cannot be sold.

Goodwill — Your support will earn the respect of the community at large, as well as your employees and industry peers for the impact you make on our local community.

Should I worry about liability?

At Harvesters, we adhere to strict food safety guidelines and provide complete product tracking, including recall capabilities. The process is safe, efficient and cost-effective. 

You are also protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Donations Act. It is a federal law which protects donors from civil and criminal liability when the donations are made in good faith. Learn more about the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act here.

I’m ready to donate, who do I contact?

Great! Thank you for your interest in supporting Harvesters! Please email our Acquisitions Team at or call us at (816) 929-3210.