How to get Your Hours Approved

Community Service Hours

Volunteers needing hours confirmed for school, scouts, church or other non-legal community service programs may schedule volunteer hours online using the Volunteer Opportunities page. When you arrive at Harvesters, please inform the front desk that you will need hours confirmed.

Court-Ordered Community Service Hours

If you require community service hours confirmed for legal reasons, you must call our Community Service Department at (816) 929-3240. Court-ordered community service scheduled online using our Volunteer Opportunities page will not be confirmed.

woman wearing mask carrying box of food


An event so nice, we’re doin’ it twice–this time in TOPEKA!

Topeka Feastival isn’t just a ticket to the best food and drink pop-up in town. It’s a ticket to making a difference. Hunger is a behemoth of a problem for thousands in our region every day. Join in and help us devour the beast – after all, it takes a village to feed a city.