Harvesters’ leadership team and board of directors perform a comprehensive evaluation of the organization’s impact and develop a strategic plan for the future success of the organization every three to five years. Our current plan has been extended through June of 2022. Planning is underway now on a new strategic plan with implementation targeted for July of 2022.

Our Strategic Plan

Fiscal Years 2018-2022

Harvesters’ Fiscal Year 2021-2020 Progress Toward Strategic Targets

Harvesters’ Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Strategic Goals

Join us for a monstrous good time at Feastival, a Forks & Corks pop-up! Feastival isn’t just a ticket to the best food and drink pop-up in town. It’s a ticket to making a difference. Hunger is a behemoth of a problem for thousands in KC every day. Join and help us devour the beast – after all, it takes a village to feed a city.