Harvesters’ work to feed the hungry would not be possible without the support of food and financial donors, agencies and volunteers. Harvesters works strategically to use these resources wisely and effectively to provide food to as many people as possible, educate about hunger and contribute to the overall health and well-being of the region we serve.

Our Annual Report

Download Harvesters’ FY2020 Annual Report, which includes audited financial statements.
FY20 Volunteers-Organizations
FY20 Volunteers-Individuals
FY20 Food and Fund Drives-Organizations
FY20 Food and Fund Drives-Individuals
FY20 Donors – Orgs
FY20 Donors – Individuals
FY20 Product Donors

Past Annual Reports

FY2019 Annual Report
FY2018 Annual Report
2018 Food and Fund Drives – Individuals List
2018 Food and Fund Drives – Organizations List
2018 Volunteers – Individuals List
2018 Volunteers – Organizations List

Our 990 Forms

Harvesters 2019 990
HCFN 2019 990
Harvesters 2018 Form 990
HCFN 2018 Form 990
Harvesters’ 2017 Form 990
HCFN 2017 Form 990

Our Audit Reports

Harvesters Audit Report 2019-2020
Harvesters Audit Report 2018-2019
Harvesters’ Audit Report 2017-2018

Please pardon our mess!Front Parking Lot Closed

Volunteers and visitors, please park in overflow lot across the street from our KC facility while our front lot is closed during painting.