Providing Hunger Relief Working in Tandem with Healthcare Providers

Those who are food insecure:

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Are at increased risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Face increased stress, impacting ability to care for self, perform well at work and at school. 

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Often skip medication refills or clinic visits, complicating health management.

The Result: Higher Healthcare Costs

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*Estimated additional annual healthcare cost (above regular healthcare experience) per person versus food-secure person.

The link between food insecurity and poor health outcomes is clear. Harvesters and the local healthcare community understand that and are working together to provide hunger relief and healthcare simultaneously to improve health outcomes in our community. Here are some of the initiates we are working on with our community partners.

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Screen & Refer:
Healthcare providers have implemented food insecurity screenings for patients and are providing referrals to Harvesters’ network of pantries, kitchens and mobile distributions.

Pantry Shelves

Prescriptive Pantries:
Health clinics and hospitals have added food pantries inside their facilities. Patients who screen positive for food insecurity can visit the pantry and go home with diet-friendly groceries provided by Harvesters.

JayDoc Clinic Partnership

Pop-up Produce Distributions
Paired with Health Services:
Harvesters provides fresh and healthy produce at healthcare settings where neighbors also receive essential health services such as screening, testing, vaccinations, and health insurance enrollment.

Healthy Food Box

Hypertension & Diabetes-friendly Food Boxes:
Harvesters supplies clinics and hospitals with supplementary food boxes containing food items consistent with patients’ dietary needs.

Check out this video to hear Dawn’s story. She was able to make strides in improving her health after receiving Diabetes-Friendly Food Boxes through one of our Food+ Health providers, Stormont Vail.

A Special Thank You to our Food+ Health Partners

Other Places to Learn More:

More Information or to Participate

If you would like more information or are interested in participating in Harvesters’ Food+ initiatives, please contact Danon Hare, Food+ Program Manager, at