Hunger is an issue in every county in our country, but it’s not an issue a lot of people know that much about or are aware of the extent of the problem. You can help change that by learning more and sharing that information with others.

You can start by visiting our Hunger in our Region page or our Education Resources page.

Federal nutrition programs like SNAP, TEFAP, CSFP, The School Breakfast and Lunch Programs and Afterschool and Summer Meal Programs for children are vital to addressing the issue. Success requires strong federal support in partnership with the charitable network. For every meal, the charitable network, like Harvesters, provides, the federal government can provide 9 meals.

Keeping and strengthening funding for the federal nutrition programs is important. Work is underway in Congress to re-authorize the Farm Bill, which includes funding for federal nutrition programs. Learn more about what Harvesters, Feeding America and other hunger advocates hope to see in the new Farm Bill.