Using Food to Strengthen Training and Employment Programs

For many of the neighbors we serve, the path out of food insecurity involves finding stable, and better yet, thriving employment.

That’s why Harvesters is partnering with local workforce development organizations to help participants move out of hunger and towards greater economic opportunities.

How We’re Doing It

It’s hard to focus when you’re hungry. It’s even harder to climb the career ladder when you’re struggling with ongoing food insecurity. We provide food to local workforce development organizations to help support participants as they seek to acquire new skills, find job placement opportunities and work towards better economic opportunities.

Check out this feature from one of our partners – previously known as The Grooming Project, now called Pawsperity!

More Information or to Participate

If you would like more information or are interested in participating in Harvesters’ Food+ initiatives, please contact Danon Hare, Food+ Program Manager, at