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An indoor/outdoor site where you select or receive groceries and/or household items to take home.

Drive-Thru Food Pickup
Drive-Thru Food Pickup

A drive-thru where groceries and household items are placed in your vehicle to take home. (Printable list)


A site where prepared meals are served and consumed on-site.

Meals for Kids
Also see the Meals for Kids page

Site information for after school and summer meals.

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An event so nice, we’re doin’ it twice–this time in TOPEKA!

Topeka Feastival isn’t just a ticket to the best food and drink pop-up in town. It’s a ticket to making a difference. Hunger is a behemoth of a problem for thousands in our region every day. Join in and help us devour the beast – after all, it takes a village to feed a city.