Fight Hunger Patch Project

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Fight Hunger Patch Project – Food Waste Patch

Understand food loss and food waste, helping scouts determine what they can do at an individual/small group level as opposed to what needs to change systematically.

To Do: 

To Watch:

  • Watch these “Food Waste Warriors” discover food waste in their own homes. (All Ages)
  • Learn how to separate food waste and recycle for a healthy planet. (Daisies-Juniors)
  • Listen to Tristram Stuart discuss food waste in Why Do We Pay for Waste. (Cadettes-Ambassadors)
  • Watch Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story to get an inside look at what it’s like to live off food waste. It’s an eye-opening story that addresses the problem of food waste in a systemic context. (Cadettes-Ambassadors)

To Read and Discuss: 

  • Learn about the Ten Ways Food Waste Hurts the Environment and discuss each one with your friends, family, or fellow Girl Scouts. 
  • Read the 8 Habits for Reducing Waste in the Kitchen and implement three of them. 
  • Use the Food Loss and Food Waste on the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations website to examine the differences between food loss and food waste. Divide troop into two groups. Ask each group to research and discuss one of the problems, to explain them to the troop, and to provide 3 examples of their respective topics.
  • Choose one section of Gender and Food Loss in Sustainable Food Value Chains to read and analyze. Think of three discussion questions and lead a conversation with your family members or troop. If a troop decides to complete this activity together, each Girl Scout should prepare 2-3 questions to contribute to the discussion. 

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