From the Fall 2022 Local Harvest Newsletter.
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Park Hill High School sophomore Taylor wore a mask and a red cheer-squad t-shirt as she handed out two pineapples per person to each car that drove by. 

“I really liked it,” she said as a first-time volunteer for Harvesters and part of the A+ program, which encourages 50 hours of volunteer service over a student’s high school career.

“At first, I told my mom I don’t want to go because I’m tired. But once I got there I just got sucked in and I liked it more than I thought,” she says.

Taylor was surprised when she saw a “7” on a car windshield indicating the driver was picking up for seven people, but she didn’t waste a minute to load 14 pineapples into the car. 

“It makes you feel good in your heart to help.” 

Taylor’s mom, Brie, says she tries to foster a sense of community with her family, and they frequently volunteer with the YMCA. Brie is also a caregiver for people who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, so Taylor also spends time reading, playing games and coloring with Brie’s clients. 

Thank you, Taylor for choosing to volunteer with Harvesters. Your generosity will make a lasting difference for our neighbors!

If you would like to volunteer, please check out volunteer opportunities here.