From the Winter 2022 Local Harvest Newsletter.
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After a fulfilling career as a caretaker, Susan is grateful to spend her retirement closer to her children and grandchildren — and for friends like you who now help care for her with the gift of healthy food.

Susan, 73, lived and worked in Sedgwick County before making the move to Lawrence, where she now lives with her partner, Dave, 74. They both rely on their Social Security retirement check each month to pay their bills.

That’s why they’re so grateful for Harvesters’ distributions where they say they receive “99 percent of our monthly groceries.”

In fact, the visits to the distributions are often some of the only times when the couple leaves home. Since the pandemic began, they are cautious not to go out in public often because of Dave’s preexisting health conditions.

“We’re staying in for the most part,” Susan says.

Together, one of the ways they work to keep their minds sharp is by doing jigsaw puzzles.

“This has kept us well,” Susan says of the hobby.

Thanks to your generosity, the nutritious food the couple receives also helps keep them physically healthy. They typically receive enough groceries at one distribution to last them a couple of weeks.

Thank you for helping fill the tables of older adults who made our community what it is today. Your generosity is building a healthier, happier community for all ages.

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