Volleyball and food may not seem to be the most natural connection, but it’s the sport that a brought a group of retired adults together to not only play the game, but also give back to their community.

It feels good to do good,” says Charlie, who, together with his friend, Loretta, volunteers at Harvesters alongside fellow members of the Volleyball Friends.

Charlie and Loretta are both retired and maintain an active lifestyle, which includes giving their time to volunteer. They’ve volunteered with Harvesters for about six years, and have recruited friends to join them over the years.

“Harvesters does so much and reaches so many communities,” Loretta says. “We really feel like we’re doing something to help the community.”

Together with other members of the Volleyball Friends, they spend their time at Harvesters assembling BackSnack backpacks and bulk packaging of food for large kitchens to cook and distribute.

“I had no idea [hunger] was as widespread as it is,” Charlie says.

With that in mind, the couple also encourages more people in the community to give whatever time they can to volunteer with Harvesters.

“Come and try it out,” Charlie says. “You’ll understand the depth and breadth of the problem.”

Thank you, Charlie and Loretta, the Volleyball Friends and the many amazing volunteers who give their time and energy to help their neighbors in need.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please click here.