Our latest spotlight features staff member George Mosley, Order Fulfillment – Freezer. We sat down with George to learn more about his role at Harvesters and what inspires his work.

What is your role at Harvesters?

Right now, I pick orders in the freezer, but I have had a lot of different roles from valet to dry order filler to cooler coordinator. I am known as “The Mayor” of Harvesters.

How long have you been with the organization?

Six lucky years!

What is your fondest memory related to Harvesters?

I have a lot of them. I was hired in February of 2017. In March 2017, I won the Fostering a Quality Work Environment Award. I also met Travis Kelce (before he was a Swiftie!)

Why does food insecurity matter to you?

Because I’ve been there before. I’ve visited some soup kitchens and went to some of the agencies we serve. And it feels good to help people (especially around the holidays!)

Tell us about the best day you’ve had at Harvesters.

Every day! Going in and greeting the staff, serving agencies, collecting my smiles and hello’s and hearing some Denver fans say, “Oh, here he comes again!”

How does working at Harvesters make you feel?

Good. Like I’m doing something to feed people today and stopping hunger tomorrow. Plus, it feels like family.

If you could tell Harvesters’ supporters one thing, what would you say?

I would say as “The Mayor” of Harvesters, your support goes a long way (and it keeps me working! ) But, for real, without your support there would be a lot more hungry kids, parents, and grandparents at night. So, thank you a thousand times over! (And you’re just like my family, too.)