Now through August 16th, you can help Harvesters ensure local children have access to good, nutritious meals, by supporting No School=No Lunch at your neighborhood Price Chopper store. Donations can be made at the register, or online at

Jayla might only be 11, but she’s very aware of grown-up challenges.

“My mom has four kids: me, my two little sisters, and my big brother. And it’s pretty hard for her to go to the store when she has a low budget. But I try to help her, to save money to give her to get groceries,” Jayla Delores said.

It’s why she’s so thankful to receive Harvesters BackSnacks at her school, Turner Elementary in Kansas City, Kan.

“I’m actually really happy that I get food bags because I can feed my sisters if they want some,” said Jayla.

She doesn’t like worrying about where meals will come from, so she’ll do anything she can, like offering up birthday money, to help put food on the table.

“I’m the most caring one in my family. When I see my mom break down, I feel like it was me. So I’m really lovable. And it makes me really sad seeing her like that. So even though it’s grown-up things, I don’t care. I just try my best and do it, even though my mom doesn’t really like me doing that. But I just love supporting my family,” Jayla said.

The time and money you give matters more than you know.

“Thank you guys for giving us some good food for us to have on the weekends,” said Jayla.

Nourish children, feed hope, and give today.