Every year, Feeding America conducts an extensive report called Map the Meal Gap, collecting data on individuals in every county in the US to determine the national state of food insecurity. Data from 2022 was just released, and, unsurprisingly, the results show record high numbers of food insecurity not just nationally, but here in our own 26-county service area. 

In the counties we serve, 1 in 8 people (12.4%) are experiencing food insecurity, up from 1 in 11 the previous year. For children, that number is 1 in 6. 

Minority groups are experiencing hunger at an even higher rate, with 1 in 3 Black individuals and 1 in 5 Hispanic individuals lacking consistent, nutritious food.  

Feeding America estimates that it would take 61,927,200 meals to close the hunger gap for these individuals and families. And that’s where you come in. 

We rely on public support to meet the needs of those going without food, and though the numbers seem staggering, we’ve seen time and time again that when the community comes together, there can be enough for everyone. 
If you want to help your neighbors and close the meal gap, you can give money, give food, give time or give voice to the increasing issue of food insecurity. We’re in this together, no matter what. 

Click here see Feeding America’s interactive Map the Meal Gap map where you can find more specifics and look up information about your own county.