Take your group on an interactive and behind-the-scenes look at Harvesters! When you design your own field trip, you’ll work alongside one of our experienced educators to customize a special experience for your group. Students will complete activities that engage, educate and empower them to fight hunger in their community. These experiences can be designed for both school groups and home school settings.

First, we recommend that all groups start out with a hunger education session hosted by Harvesters staff. This session can be scheduled in person at your school/organization, at Harvesters or virtually! At the end of the session, students will be able to:

  • Define hunger and food insecurity
  • List barriers to obtaining food
  • Brainstorm action steps to help work towards solving hunger in their community

Next, complete two (or more!) activities that fall under Harvesters’ four calls to action: Give Food, Give Time, Give Money and Give Voice. Our staff is available to help you pick the opportunities that will resonate most with your students or even help with any other ideas you may have!

Give Food

Give Time

Give Money

  • Host a Virtual Food Drive to raise funds that we can use to purchase, store, transport and distribute food throughout our community. For every $1 donated, we are able to provide 2 meals!

Give Voice

  • Host a Community Education Event to share what you’ve learned about hunger with family and friends.
  • Spread the word to other classes in your school by creating posters, bulletin boards or presentations to share with them.
  • Create and share informational videos with others.

Start designing your field trip by contacting Harvesters’ Community Engagement Department:
Kansas City: getinvolved@harvesters.org or (816) 929-3090 
Lawrence: fighthunger@harvesters.org or (785) 856-6089