Madison and her husband Logan have known each other most of their lives, growing up together in a small Missouri town of only about 2,000 people. They moved to Kansas City two years ago for him to attend Midwestern Baptist Seminary. Recently, they became parents to a little boy, and Madison decided to stay home with him. That decision didn’t come lightly, as they went from two incomes down to one. Looking for ways to make ends meet, Madison and Logan found out about a Harvesters food distribution in South Kansas City, and decided to see what it was all about. Thankfully, it was exactly what she needed. 

“It’s been such a blessing to us, because going from two incomes to one income, we have to really, really budget ourselves. It really helps us on that grocery budget, especially now with the rising prices of absolutely everything.” 
The day we talked to Madison, she was also picking up food for some good friends who just had their third child. She said that she sees Harvesters’ as not only a resource for her to provide for her own household, but a way for her to share with others who also need a little help. 

“The donations are great, not just for my family but for the whole community in Kansas City. This is the second time we’ve done it since we were made aware of it, and we see how many lives are impacted by the food that is going out. We were almost in tears about how wonderful it is. It really builds the community up and has provided for us in this time.”