Sandy Estes is always on the move at Good Samaritan center in Excelsior Springs, Mo. She’s been serving in the food pantry here for more than six years.

“I think this is wonderful what we do for them and what we get to give them. Besides Harvesters, we get really super donations. And so it’s very rewarding,” Estes said.

Today, Jennifer is visiting to get groceries for her family. Side effects from a brain injury have left her unable to work. With two adult special needs sons at home, this food helps stretch her limited budget.

“It’s a good, solid week worth of food, three meals a day,” Jennifer said.

She’s always blown away by the selection meat, fresh bread, produce and pantry foods.

“Coming through the door is the hardest part. But once you get in here, you aren’t just a number, you’re a person and you get treated with respect. So it’s a great place,” she said.

Good Samaritan’s executive director knows the feeling. Eight years ago, a family job loss brought her here to get help with bills and food.

“We want to make sure that they don’t feel singled out necessarily as being a client. And we try to make them kind of feel like family when they’re coming in here so that it’s a nice welcoming place for them so that they are not feeling so bad about having to come in and ask for help,” said Sara Noblet, Good Samaritan Center executive director.

As food prices soar, Good Samaritan is busier than ever, with many families coming here for the first time in their lives.

“We have people who immediately say, ‘Now, I’ve never done this before,’ and you know, and start to tell me a story. I just say, ‘It doesn’t matter. We’re here for you now. If you don’t come back, that’s wonderful. If you do, we’re here for you,'” Estes said.

Good Samaritan can also help with rent, utilities, transportation needs, and medicine. The food pantry’s open three days a week, ready to feed neighbors.

“I highly encourage anybody if you’re struggling, there’s no shame in asking for a little bit of a hand up to kind of help with those hard times to kind of get you going,” said Noblet.

Need food assistance? Connect with this pantry.

Good Samaritan Center
108 S Thompson Ave.
Excelsior Springs, Mo.
(816) 630-2718

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30 a.m.-Noon and 1-3:30 p.m.