From the Holiday 2022 Local Harvest Newsletter.
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“I’m actually really happy because I’m at a school that gives me food.”

Jayla, 11, has one older brother and two younger sisters. She’s a student at Turner Elementary School where she’s a recipient of Harvesters’ BackSnack program.

The program provides a weekly backpack filled with nutritious, child-friendly food for schoolchildren at elementary and some middle schools to take home over the weekend.

Jayla says her mom was relieved when Jayla came home with her first bag of food through the program.

“It’s pretty hard for my mom to go to the store because she has a low budget,” Jayla says. “I’m actually really happy that I get a food bag because I can feed my sisters if they want some.”

Some of Jayla and her sisters’ favorite items from the bags are the cereal, goldfish crackers and water.

BackSnack is a partnership between Harvesters, a participating school and a local community partner. Harvesters provides the food and the backpacks, and local community partners facilitate picking up the BackSnack food kits and distributing them to the schools.

School principals and/or counselors help determine which children receive BackSnacks at each school.

“I’m actually thankful you guys give us food here,” Jayla says to donors like you.

Thank you for helping make sure every child has nutritious food to fuel each day. Your generosity is building a healthier, happier community for us all. Please help other students by donating here.