From the Summer 2022 Local Harvest Newsletter.
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Korey is a hard-working mother who will do everything in her power to provide for her two children. Thanks to friends like you, she has help when she needs it most.

“We’re thankful for [you] in this crisis,” she says to donors like you.

We met Korey at a Harvesters distribution where she was picking up groceries for her and her daughter, Brianna, and son, Alex. She shares that she works at a cafeteria that was shut down for several months at the start of the pandemic.

While off work, Korey says she sold crafts locally just to try to make up for as much missed income as possible. But without a stable income, it’s easy to get behind.

Korey says extended family members helped her get by, and the generosity of friends like you made it possible for her to also visit additional Harvesters partner agencies near her home when she needed groceries for her family.

Korey shares that Brianna loves when she brings home yogurt, while Alex is a big fan of the fresh oranges.

“It helps a lot,” Korey says.

You’re making healthy food accessible this summer for children and families across northeastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri. Please consider donating here to help families like Korey’s.