From the Holiday 2022 Local Harvest Newsletter.
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Robert was about to get off the bus to head home, just like any other day. That’s when your generosity surprised him and provided him and his family with needed food, at just the right time.

“I just got off the bus and saw this,” Robert says of Harvesters’ monthly Mobile Pantry Pop-up at 31st and Troost. “I know it will be helpful.”

Robert is the proud father of two teenage girls. He previously worked in a warehouse, but he’s unemployed right now and looking for a new job to help support his family.

That’s why the food he’s taking home will come in especially handy. As he talks, he’s gathering up rice, beans, cans of tuna and bottled water, “just some things to help us get by.

“It helps bring more food in the home and helps us out on the bills and things like that,” he says.

Robert is also a proud uncle and spends his spare time helping his brother care for his new twin babies. He makes his selections quickly so he can get to his brother’s home to help for the rest of the day.

Thank you for joining Harvesters to make Mobile Pop-Up Pantries like this one possible, and for meeting our neighbors in every part of our communities to make sure healthy food is accessible for everyone. Please help your neighbors by donating here.