Early in the morning on the fourth Wednesday of each month, you’ll find a line of cars circled around Trinity Temple in Grandview. They’re here waiting for a Harvesters mobile food distribution to begin.

“It’s just a blessing and I’m thankful—thankful I have a good friend that told me about it,” said Velma.

That good friend, Phyllis, happened to be in the next car up.

“It helps a lot because now everything’s gone up, you know, food wise, gas wise. Everything has just gone up ridiculous,” said Phyllis.

Both ladies are seniors, living on a limited budget.

“I work part-time. Senior citizen. Prices are going up at the store. Money’s not going up. And it helps me,” Velma said.

“They give you eggs, they give you meat, they give vegetables, you know, fruit. They give you drinks, cereals, you know. And then my grandkids can use a whole lot of that,” said Phyllis.

At this distribution, fresh melons, berries, milk and more are given to more than
80 households—or 320 individuals—every month.

“We’ve grown to love the people and serve the people and we’ve grown a relationship and so from that, we just come together and meet the needs that the people have,” said Elder Randal Manning with Trinity Temple United Church of God in Christ in Grandview, Mo.

For the past two years, all food’s been delivered curbside. Volunteers, including officers from the Grandview Police Department, load up groceries, sending neighbors home with nutritious foods.

“I like that very much because I’m handicapped and I can’t walk that well, that’s why I have a cane and a walker. So this helps out a whole lot. All I’ve got to do is open up the trunk and they put it in,” said Phyllis.

Elder Manning’s church family has been distributing food here more than ten years.
He, and the neighbors served, are always impressed by the quality and quantity of food available.

“I’m glad to be a part of harvesters, glad to be a servant and to serve our community and we always say Jesus’ love has sent us to you and we’re just going to do that and be glad.

After facing food stamp cuts, this food goes a long way to helping neighbors like Velma and her teenage grandson.

“Do not be ashamed. Everybody needs help. Just be grateful, thankful and blessed that there are people that will help no questions asked,” Velma said.

Connect with this mobile food distribution:
Trinity Temple
11922 Food Ln.
Grandview, Mo.

4th Wednesday each month
10-11 a.m.