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Gerry, age 78, has to choose every month between buying food and paying for prescription medications.

“I’m retired and on a fixed income,” she said. “Harvesters’ help makes a big difference.”

Gerry is not alone. Nearly one out of every ten people who turn to Harvesters’ network for emergency food assistance is a senior citizen. Just like Gerry, many of them are facing difficult choices between buying food and paying for basic necessities like medicine or medical care.

As the senior population grows, Harvesters is addressing needs of the elderly in our community.

Learn more about Harvesters’ efforts to end hunger and how you can help.

Whats Happening at Harvesters

No School=No Lunch
Help us feed kids who won't get a school lunch over the summer by donating $1, $5 or $10 in the check-out lane of your local Price Chopper store.

Become an AmeriCorps Member!
Apply now for a position at Harvesters. Serve your community and help solve hunger!

Our Community CAN Neighborhood Food Drive
Time to sign up to become a Hunger Champion and rally your neighbors to help feed the hungry!

Birthday Parties
Celebrate your birthday (or any special occasion) at Harvesters and help others at the same time!